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The Eternal Land of Fires - Azerbaijan which is situated on the shore of the Caspian Sea since the ancient times is especially popular for its oil in the world.

But not all of the people know that with its rich nature, Azerbaijan is one of the centers of the very important natural beauties of the world.

Azerbaijan is different from other countries for its self-characteristic natural areas. As if these natural areas have been presented by the God to our people.

You may meet the handworks of our ancestors on the rocks of Gobustan within several millenniums and the natural monuments which may be compared with the drawings in the rare places of the world.

Azerbaijan is also rich in different valuable herbs that they have been used for treatment purposes for millenniums.

The natural beauties of our country exist not only on the land but also Ag-gol, Tala-gol, Gizilaghaj and other water-swampy areas which are indispensable natural paradisiacal place for migrant birds.

The rich natural wealth of Azerbaijan entirely assumes importance not only for the European countries but also for the whole world.

The hospitability of our people is one of its greatest values before the rich cultural and natural resources of Azerbaijan. As the rich natural wealth of Azerbaijan is harmonious with its cultural values.

In Azerbaijan, you meet 9 out of 12 types of climate existing in the world. There exist costal plains, deserts, semideserts, fields and glaciers which have 7 types of landscape in our country that these types of landscape vary from the glaciers locating in 28 meters below the sea level to those at an altitude of over 4400 meters. All of these are a bright example for the charms, magnificence and unique beauty of the charming nature of Azerbaijan.

The forests of Azerbaijan are the cradle of the forests of Europe. The forests were destroyed in the central Europe during the glacial epoch and new forests were planted afterwards. But the forests of Azerbaijan have preserved their naturalness till today.

Azerbaijan is a country with rare and unusual natural diversity. Here broad-leaved forests, high mountainous areas, alpine grasslands, semideserts, field and watery-swampy areas, flat forests of the Caspian shore which have no analogue in the world and about 1900 types of plants in the Hirkan forests of the humid subtropical zone that 162 out of them are endemic. They are the richest forests of Europe and are the only residential area of the Front Asian leopard. The forests of Azerbaijan which reflect the beginning of primitiveness testify our country to be an ancient human settlement.

One of the components which enrich the nature of Azerbaijan is the biodiversity of the live nature. This diversity incorporates such rare species of flora and fauna that they attract the world scientists, experts and tourists as the live museum of the nature of our country.

As if the flora of Azerbaijan resembles the colorful carpet woven by a skilful master. There were defined about 4500 types of plants and 18 thousands types of animals in Azerbaijan connected with the existence of the geological history and different climatic conditions. The different colors and shades of flora (over 4100 types) and fauna (over 12 000 types) remind the grand national carpet. There exist 9 National Parks (Hirkan, Shirvan, Shahdag, Aggol, Absheron, Zangazur, Altiaghaj, Goygol and Samur-Yalama) in the territory of the country.

The interesting routes to the interesting places of nature, summit of the mountains, waterfalls and grasslands, natural and historical monuments will not leave any traveler indifferent. These journeys will make them forget about the noisy urban life and plunge you in the mysterious world of the nature. During these tours, you will get familiarized with natural and historical monuments as well as local customs and traditions. You will regain your force by visiting the National Parks of Azerbaijan and probably reveal one of the mysteries of nature for yourself.

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