Just like buildings, research into cement and concrete needs foundations. That is what we do. We do fundamental research into the nano and micro-scale phenomena that govern the performance of cements and concrete.

Nanocem is a consortium of European academic and industrial partners, all interested in fundamental research of cement and concrete. Working together, we combine passion with pragmatism, cooperation with independence and long term vision with hands on experience.

We don’t develop products directly. But the combined academic and industrial knowledge that we produce drives the development of new and improved materials and products that are adapted to modern needs, whilst minimising the environmental impact of the construction cycle.

Nanocem was founded in 2004, and has grown to a network of 24 academic and 11 industry partners.There are some 120 academic researchers in the team who, between them, are in the process of managing some 60 PhD and PostDoctoral research projects in related areas.

Nanocem is now recognised as the world reference for quality research in cementitious materials.

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