Green Earth Automotive

Green Earth Automotive provides eco-friendly oil changes, car maintenance and auto repair in Austin, Texas. Mechanics use renewable and recyclable Bio-based, synthetic motor oil like Renewable Lubricants and biodegradable lubricants like Renewable Lubricants.

A Green Oil Change gives your car superior performance and helps ensure a more sustainable future for Austin. Green Earth Auto also offers regular car maintenance, car repair and services including brake repair, A/C Service, radiator repair and exhaust repair - all with the same Eco-friendly standards as their signature green oil change.

As a locally owned Auto Repair and Car Mechanic Shop, Green Earth Automotive is committed to Austin's future. We purchase as much as possible from local vendors and work with others to help better our local economy. We also buy USA made as much as possible.

Green Earth Automotive's goal is to offer you and your family quality car maintenance and repairs using Eco Friendly alternatives that will provide your vehicle with superior performance while contributing to the preservation of Austin and our environment.

We now offer full hybrid car battery service. We can service the batteries instead of replace in some cases. Also can do preventative maintenance on them to keep them going for a long time to come. We are HSE (Hybrid Service Excellence) certified.

We Recycle all BATTERIES (car,truck,household [AA,AAA,C,D, etc], industrial, etc)

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