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Cavalier Inc

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, Cavalier, Inc. has become an industry and community leader. As our broad-ranging customer base, and their needs, directives, and buying habits have evolved over time, so has our vision and expertise. The customer-focused mission of Cavalier, Inc. is to “provide facility health solutions”, while incorporating the latest technology, social media influence, and process-oriented business practices. Rather than wait for our customers to change, and then react, we will provide the way forward and lead our customers to the best solution. Sustainable, “green” (i.e. healthy) products and services are the foundation and future for healthy facilities, healthy and happyoccupants and employees in those facilities — and as an end result — a healthier community. Aside from the physical health benefits, the financial benefit to our customers is that all of this can be done in cost-effective, energy-efficient ways that will ultimately increase their bottom lines – leading to overall healthier and happier organizations. Cavalier, Inc. is 100% committed and dedicated to these new and forward-thinking initiatives. 71 years of company history, and many more combined years of experience, have led to this point, and to our new and encompassing goal and mantra – Health, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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