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Over the past twelve years, The GreenYard has been to the forefront of helping farmers and food producers to set out their environmental goals and to get the message across of the providence and environmental assurance of their produce. We have long held the belief that the consumer has many reasons to make a food purchase decision and we know from market research that good husbandry and environmental practices, along with local and regional providence, are key factors in the decision process.

IMG_1008The GreenYard has developed a series of tools and services that enable farmers and producers to benchmark their environmental standards and illustrate the environmental benefits of the food they produce.

These services help to tell the “good food” story. They help the producers and the marketing teams to get a positive message across. In the era of climate change and a lower carbon future, consumers will continue to make choices beyond price and taste. Our policy makers at both national and E.U levels underpin the process with policy aimed at encouraging better providence, lower carbon emissions and greater biodiversity gains.

The GreenYard’s agricultural roots, environmental skills and marketing focus can help farmers and food producers meet the policy demands, target higher value markets and get the sales message across. We have developed and delivered agri-environment projects for major Irish and UK producers and retailers. We can help you deliver the message of ‘good food from a great environment.’ See below for some of our services and initiatives.

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Carbon Audits
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Poultry Range Enrichment
Soil Analysis
Tree and Woodland Planting Schemes

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