EcoShore International Inc

EcoShore International Inc

Eroding beaches is a continuous problem and in many districts the nearby sand sources are quickly drying out, thus we have to come up with smarter solutions. That’s where EcoShore® comes in.

EcoShore International is a fully licensed US coastal engineering company established in 2004, dedicated to the promotion and implementation of effective, and environmentally sound technical solutions. EcoShore has presented at ASBPA, H2O in California, and FSBPA in Florida. For the latest presentation at the FSBPA 2015 Technical Conference check here.

We offer several advanced coastal services including the environmentally friendly PEM technology – (Pressure Equalizing Modules), a benign and economical solution that has been applied successfully in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the USA to reduce beach erosion. PEM is backed by some of the worlds largest contractors and offers have been made for coastal erosion control projects up to 70 miles – the largest in the world. On the following pages you can read more about PEM.

From May 2015 we have introduced a unique price structure.

Now you can acquire the patented PEM technology in ways unheard of in the coastal society.

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