IPCO Power B.V.

IPCO Power is an international company specialized in environmental solutions for the petrochemical-, shipping- and power industry. IPCO Power started its activities in 1997. The main activities of IPCO Power are Fuel Improvement, Vapour Recovery and Odour Control.
IPCO Power started its activities in 1997 as the developer and manufacturer of Vapour Processing Systems for the petrochemical industry and Bio-fuel Systems for the power industry. This was done on behalf of an external sales and marketing company, active in these business sectors.
In 2006 IPCO Power took over these sales and marketing activities to serve the petrochemical and power industry in a better way. In the same year IPCO Power developed a product line of Fuel Treatment Systems for the shipping and power industry
In 2010 IPCO Power started with odour reduction activities with the Ecoscrub Scrubber solution. The Ecoscrub Scrubber solution is a perfect addition to the companies products. The Ecoscrub scrubber has a Best Available Technique status.

In 2012 IPCO Power became the international Sales and Marketing partner of the Purgit Refrigerated Vapor Recovery System. This solution adds the latest innovative technique to the IPCO Power air emission reduction scope.

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