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Wuxi Nengchuang Tech Co., LTD is a listed company located in high and new technology industrial development zone called Shanghai Jiaotong University Wuxi Research Institute in Wuxi City, China. Our core patented technology is IC integrated circuit power. We mainly produce three kinds of products including LED light, variable message sign, UV LED chip, etc.

“Taking the lead by seeking breakthrough with bold spirit” this is the maxim of our company, which has grounded firmly in the LED industry for its ingenuity in product design, we plan and position our products at a strategic level, bringing new ideas and concepts into the product design and manufacturing. With great passion, we are determined to innovate.

Throughout the LED field, our products are growing up with amazing speed. They are dazzling attractive from the moment they appeared on the market for the modern and dynamic features they are showing. Our company is accredited by national and international certifications such as ISO9001, CE, RoHS, etc.

The great achievement we have made so far depended largely on our masterpiece designing, which is based on advanced concept of innovation and superior sense of times. With years of experience and distinctive judgment of taking care of both traditional techniques and customer needs, our design team is exceptionally excellent in making unique designs which are different from that of the others by traditional technology.

Today, as white-hot in competition of LED market as it is, we fuel our passion into the design; we will focus to lead the LED lighting with the stunning design. Our R&D team is introduced talents from abroad including former outreach department manager of Bridgelux Dr. Wu. In order to promote efficiency and cost savings, we do OEM to improve products capacity and time efficiency.

Our company mainly produces three products which are LED light, variable message sign and air purifier; they are exported to different countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Spanish, etc.

LED Light: It is featured with long lifespan, high brightness, energy saving, environmental friendly. LED light is widely used in home decoration, plant, street, etc.

Variable message sign: It is an integrated product which consists of LED display and solar panel. It is widely used in traffic directions.

UV LED air purifier can be used at home, enterprise and public institutions.

The annual output of LED light is 2 million.
The annual output of variable message sign is 10000 set.
The annual output of air purifier is 500 thousand set.

We provide samples if customers want, but the samples should be on the account of buyers. We will buy insurance for easy-wear parts; also we will be very careful on the package by using safer packaging material.
The warranty period of LED light is two years, within the warranty period we provide old for new service. Variable message sign and UVLED products have 1 year warranty period.

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