Arbos srl

Arbos srl

After having learned the art by working for many years at the Cartiera Favini, Sergio and Oriella take their passion for paper into a new adventure. Arbos was founded in 1988 in the province of Vicenza and specialises in the production of paper and recycled material articles for the office, gifts and free time.
Just as the Italians are insurmountable in other fields (for example, fashion and food), for its paper products Arbos wants to express the “Made in Italy” quality: creativity, design and the great know-how of our craftsmanship,art and historical and landscape heritage.

In its products, Arbos demonstrates its firm commitment to environmental protection and the promotion of culture. Our slogan is: creating “stories” before creating products.
Commitment to the environment, a passion for paper, love for Italy: this is what Arbos mean by “beautiful Italian stationery”.

An Arbos notebook or journal offers the right stimulus for writing or drawing; the ideal place for collecting ideas and feelings. And to keep them.

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