Rimol Greenhouse Systems, Inc

In 1994, Bob Rimol, owner of Rimol Greenhouse Systems, decided to leave his home state of New Jersey and relocate with his young family to New Hampshire. Bob began working as a greenhouse manufacturer’s representative specializing in structures and systems. However, he soon realized the need to “build a better mousetrap” and set out to customize greenhouse technology in order to better suit the needs of his customers. Bob then founded Rimol Greenhouse Systems in order to provide innovative and quality greenhouse technology for local growers.

Bob contacted a fellow UVM graduate living in Williston, Vermont, and the two combined their talents in horticulture and engineering with a mutual entrepreneurial spirit to construct the first Rimol Greenhouse. The goal for the first two greenhouses was simple—to utilize the best features of several different greenhouses currently on the market and combine them into a low-cost, high-quality greenhouse. In this mindset, the Northpoint was developed as a multi-functional growing and retail house, and the Catamount was developed as a growing and “over-wintering” house. Both greenhouses were designed to endure heavy snow loads and reflect the rugged New England climate.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems has since developed a number of free-standing greenhouses, a gutter connect greenhouse known as the Matterhorn, shade structures, benches and an entire line of products to complement the greenhouse structures. All Rimol Greenhouses are designed to be economical, yet rugged enough to handle the harshest snow and wind conditions experienced in New England and many other regions of the country.

Today, Rimol Greenhouse Systems has become a major greenhouse manufacturing company and has developed a brand name synonymous with quality. Although the company has grown and expanded, Rimol Greenhouse Systems still ensures that it is meeting the individual needs of every customer. Rimol products can be found all across the United States.

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