As one of the leading packaging manufacturers in Europe PAPSTAR has set itself the task to offer the customer the product and all services for the product from one source. Four main concepts are used for this:

The marketing and assortment concept ...
... is strongly geared to the market requirements and customer satisfaction. Complete product ranges such as sustainable packaging are pooled to form a strong brand for the professional Cash & Carry / HoReCa market and for retail (supermarkets, hypermarkets) with focus on the private consumer. This range concept sets standards and trends among packaging manufacturers for the future and creates the optimum combined solution.

The producer-partner concept ...
... is the decisive pillar of our company success. Close cooperation and strong confidence form the basis of the concept - after all, more than 7000 items from 230 production facilities are bundled by PAPSTAR. The individual strengths of each and every production combine perfectly and therefore form an effective range concept.

The logistics and service concept ...
... particularly ensures the product presence of the whole PAPSTAR product versatility with a permanently growing number of clients in different sectors, producers and end consumers.This concept has constantly grown over 30 years, was developed further and is viewed as the core expertise of the company. There is a reason why PAPSTAR is considered as a very well reputed partner of many European trade companies due to the reliability of this system.

The technology concept ...
... and the company's own information logistics provide the backbone for a quick and optimally designed flow of products for market partners and fulfills the permanently growing requirements. Technologies such as EDI or the statistical analysis of sales figures in the sense of ECR, and particularly the PAPSTAR Extra- and Intranet, have formed a solid basis for the concept for years and underline the company's expertise in this area.
Permanent further development of the whole system using the current status of technology and a reduction of the reaction times allow cooperation with the market partners to be even closer.

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