Wood Plastic Composites WPCs by Haunsu Technology


Why is your product Green?

* Consumption of natural resources reduction due to recyclability of Plastic wood composition (WPC) products.
* The raw materials are recycled polypropylene and polyethylene (PP/PE) and those wood chips gathered from the wood processing factories.
* It is nontoxic. Since its water absorption rate is extremely low, it can resist rotting well. Uses of preservative and varnish to protect wood are no longer necessary, nor the use of agent that may be hazardous to our health.

Product / Service Description

* Use of recyclable environment-friendly materials. The synthetic wood which is formed by squeezing the mixture of 55% polyethylene and polypropylene (PE+PP) and 45% wood fiber.
* The wood plastic composition (WPC) has both features of wood and plastics.
* The old WPC can be crushed and reused by the factory, reducing the need to chop down trees.