Ecokimera : Japan Nano Technology Super Hydrophilic / Anti-fouling/ Self Cleaning


Why is your product Green?

The super-hydrophilic feature can provide the same effect like detergent (reduce the contact angle of the surface).
Self-cleaning: If there is rain or wind, the Nano coating will provide a self-cleaning feature. The rain-wind abrasion on the surface has the same effect in time as if you clean with detergent.
Easy-cleaning: If there is no rain or wind abrasion, one simply needs to wash the surface using a little water. This will have the same effect to traditional washing with power-wash & de

Product / Service Description

The Nano photocatalyst coat is the combination of photocatalyst and Nano technology. By simply spraying the Nano coat on the building exterior surface one can bring diversified excellent features to the building. Also, the product can be sprayed on roads and roadsides to provide a self-cleaning & air purification function to highways. The Nano coat can keep the building or road in a renewed condition and reduce the costs of cleaning, environment protection and water.

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