Yumi Return Compostable 100% Natural Starch Cups


Product / Service Description

Yumi Return Compostable Cups are comprised out of a 100% natural starch and represent the ideal replacement for plastics detrimental to the environment. Return Compostable Cups include four essential properties that distinguish them as a premier ally in preserving the earth. The integration of natural, non-GMO plant starch allows this selection of Compostable Cups to be Renewable. Sustainability has also been implemented with the incorporation of annual crops that do not deplete natural resources. The addition of Compostable properties allows Yumi Return Compostable Cups to turn into bio material within six months of industrial composting. This series of Compostable Cups is also completely Biodegradable. By implementing biodegradable properties, Yumi Return Compostable Tableware can swiftly break down and return to the earth.

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