Airwell+7 TDLAS - Indoor Air Quality Monitor


Why is your product Green?

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System to monitor the quality of the air.

Product / Service Description

Kinsco Technology introduce you :

Airwell+7 TDLAS :
- NH3, CH4, CO, N20 Green House Gas Monitor

Airwell+ III :
- Indoor Air Monitor Co2, CO, HCHO, TVOC
- LNI : Standard Gas Divider & H2, N2, Air Gas Generator
- Axetris : NH3, CH4, HCL, TDLAS, Gas Detector
- VICI : VOCs Gas Generator / Calibrator
- IMR : Portable Co, O2, Co2, NOx, SO2, NH3, Gas analyzer
- Shaw : Moisture Content Meter
- Smart Gas SF6 CFC gas Analyzer
- AZI : ppt ppb H2S Gas analyzer, Mercury Monitor Moisture Analyzers for materials
- VIG : FID Hydrocarbon Gas Monitor
- Defiant Technology : Portable BTEX Gas Analyzer for Soil, Water & Air
- ECO Physics : Nox+ O2 Dual Monitor No No2 NOx NH3 CLD8xx
- M&C : Sample Gas Preconditioning system
- JUM : THC Gas Analyzer