Westshore Bottle Depot - Electronics Recycling Depot Victoria


Product / Service Description

Westshore Bottle Depot - Electronics Recycling Depot Victoria. The Westshore Bottle Depot in Esquimalt has moved to 935 Ellery St, Corner of Lampson St. We recycle ready-to-drink beverage and milk containers, electronics, small kitchen appliances, exercise equipment, power tools and much more at no charge. A long list of items including Electronics, Computers, Car Batteries, Stereo Equipment, Power Tools, Printers, and other household devices are banned from the landfill because they contain many toxic materials. Drop off your home or business electronics recycling for free. Victoria Electronics Recycling Depot is critical to help care for the environment. Our friendly well trained staff will assist you upon arrival. Many more products will be available to recycle over the next few years. please visit our website for more information or call us with any questions.