New iPad solar power system: Solio


Product / Service Description

The Solio continues to amaze, and find application as a portable, eco-friendly power supply for a wide variety of equipment. Add the iPad to the list.

The iPad charger specification is for a unique 2.1A USB port, so we were not expecting the Solio to be able to do much for the iPad. The Solio offers a 1A USB port, which is as powerful as most laptop ports. We were happy to see the iPad light-up with the iconic Apple 'chirp' indicating that the iPad was indeed recognizing the power source.

The iPad is happy to draw power from the Solio, but it will not charge from the Solio. Even when the iPad is turned off completely.
This means that your Solio pocket solar charger can be used as an expansion battery for your iPad! It adds approximately another 20% to your iPad run time.
Even better... your power comes directly from sunlight!