New iPad solar power system: Brunton Freedom


Product / Service Description

Since the Brunton Restore was able to power the iPad, it only stood to reason that the Brunton Freedom could too. This makes a very rugged little expansion battery for your iPad!

The Brunton Freedom offers a 1A USB port, which is as powerful as most laptop ports, but not to the 2.1A iPad charger spec. However, we saw the iPad to light-up with the iconic Apple 'chirp' indicating that the iPad was indeed recognizing the power source.

The iPad is happy to draw power from the Freedom, but it will not charge from it. Even when the iPad is turned off completely.

The Freedom adds approximately another 30% to your iPad battery. The smaller solar panel can directly offset approx 30 minutes of iPad use per summer day.
Remember... your power comes directly from sunlight!

And remember, if the weather, or time of year, is not charging your Freedom quickly enough, simply plug it into your PC, MacBook, or any other USB port to fill 'er up.