Introducing the LED downlight NS10


Product / Service Description

NS10 is a revolutionary series of built-in downlights with exceptional high energy efficiency. The high energy efficiency is achieved through a combination of high-efficiency light-emitting diodes, a uniquely patented, specially designed reflector which emits light with a minimal loss and a patented heat dissipating system, which ensures that the light-emitting diodes are kept at a low temperature. The light source included in NS10 delivers a high lumen-output, however, highly controlled glare-free light. The lights are controlled via DALI and are dimming gradually. NS10 enables flexible lighting design in accordance to the space and furniture arrangement and creates a splendid atmosphere with a high color rendering index. Choose NS10 for both new builds and renovation projects to achieve drastic energy savings with a fully documented lifespan of the light source, energy efficiency and quality.