19 Oct, 2016

Ron Arad designs the modular Armadillo Tea Pavilion for indoor and outdoor use

Ron Arad designs the modular Armadillo Tea Pavilion for indoor and outdoor use

Green Building Materials, Construction & Design | ISRAEL | 19 Oct, 2016
Published by : Eco Media Asia

Israeli architect Ron Arad designed a delicate tea pavilion that, despite its seemingly simple construction, boasts a striking sculptural form. Named the Armadillo Tea Pavilion after its likeness to the animal’s body, the freestanding building features a modular timber shell rugged enough for outdoor or indoor use. The timber pavilion was created for Revolution Precrafted, a company that offers limited edition, prefabricated homes and pavilions designed by some of the world’s preeminent architects and designers.

As a modular structure, the Armadillo Tea Pavilion can be expanded as needed and reconfigured to suit a variety of needs. The base model measures 18 square meters and comprises five molded shells connected together with fixings crafted from hand-patinated brass and bronze. Made from timber, the shells can be completed using the buyer’s choice in a set range of finishes depending on the pavilion’s intended use. Durable PVDF-coated timber composite is offered for outdoor applications, while oiled hardwood-veneered plywood is suggested for internal use.

“The Armadillo Tea Pavilion is designed as an independent shell structure, for use indoors and outdoors, which provides an intimate enclosure, shelter or place of reflection within a garden, landscape, or large internal space,” says the description on Revolution Precrafted. Interested buyers can submit a form on Revolution Precrafted’s website to inquire about availability and price.

Article by Lucy Wang at inhabitat.com
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Images via Revolution Precrafted