YGRENE Miami, Broward - Financing Energy Efficiency & Hurricane Protection


Product / Service Description

Property owners now have a comprehensive financing solution for upgrading the hurricane resiliency and energy efficiency of their homes or buildings. With energy bills and hurricane insurance rates at record highs, property owners can now use Ygrene Financing.

"The major barrier preventing home owners and businesses from adopting energy efficiency and building resiliency projects is often down to the large upfront cost that many find tough to justify. I am very pleased Ygrene and the Miami Green Corridor cities have eliminated this burden to create a universally accessible financing option," said Sir Richard Branson, founder of Carbon War Room and founder of the Virgin Group. "As a business owner, an entrepreneur, and homeowner, I see tremendous advantages to this program for Miami-area property owners and hopefully it will act as a catalyst for other cities to follow suit in creating similar programs."