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Having owned and managed commercial office buildings for over 25 years, we have seen firsthand the amount of waste due to energy inefficiency. By implementing certain changes and improvements, property owners can reduce waste and costs at the same time.

Ven-American is committed to helping our clients enhance their bottom line by offering them not only expert and efficient property management services but also enhanced energy efficiency and other sustainable building solutions.

The simplest way to boost the value and increase the return of your office building, warehouse, shopping center or other commercial property – or even your home – is through improved energy performance. Efficient buildings save energy, are more comfortable, and cost much less to operate. And making your residential or commercial property more energy efficient is now more affordable than ever.

Ven-American can help you take advantage of low-cost financing for renewable energy, energy efficiency upgrades and even, depending on your municipality, hurricane protection measures. And here’s the best part: these improvements often pay for themselves by providing long term savings for the life of your building. Contact Ven-American today to learn how you can save some green by going green!

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