Cool Shades™


Why is your product Green?

Cool Shades™ is a heat reflective colored roof coating that is water-based & has low VOC. It utilizes the technology of infrared-reflecting pigments that repel infrared light before it turns into heat. To maintain the heat reflective effect over time, Cool Shades™ is designed with an all-acrylic binder that provides excellent dirt pick up resistance.

Product / Service Description

Cool Shades™ is designed with highly engineered infrared-reflecting (IR) pigments making it possible to create greens, blues, yellows, grays, and other shades of roof coating while reflecting infrared light and reducing heat build up. A paint film containing infrared-reflecting pigments will stay cooler than one containing non-reflective pigments of the same color. The ability of a colored object to reflect infrared light can be quantified through Total Solar Reflectance (TSR).

This translates to substantially reduced energy consumption from air conditioners to keep a building cool in a tropical country like Malaysia and Singapore.

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