LiquidOff - Superhydrophobic Coating - The First 100% Safe, Non-Toxic, & Eco-Friendly Solution


Product / Service Description

Imagine never having to deal with the headache of a stained dress shirt, a shoes covered in mud, or a car seat stained deep with hot coffee that you accidentally spilled AGAIN! Well it's your lucky day!

Introducing LiquidOff, a new and revolutionary product that uses the power of Nanotechnology and its superhydrophobic properties to magically protect your valuable possessions against all liquids, stains, dirt, mud, and other spills.

LiquidOff is not your typical superhydrophobic coating; it is one that has completely revolutionized the technology using our state-of-the-art formulation to provide a complete self-cleaning system that is highly effective, yet completely free of all solvents and toxic chemicals like the "other guys". Yes! LiquidOff is the Green and Eco-friendly solution that will save you time and money.