Cavalier Inc. is a Distributor of Sustainable & Effective Facility Maintenance Products Norfolk, VA


Product / Service Description

To understand healthy and sustainable cleaning products and programs, you must first understand that healthy cleaning and green cleaning are essentially the same thing. In the facility cleaning and maintenance industry, green cleaning refers to cleaning products and programs that are healthy, sustainable and effective — that also have minimal impact on the environment. At Cavalier Inc., we prefer the term healthy cleaning, as it better describes what we endorse as a company. Cavalier Inc. strives to keep the principles of healthy cleaning front-of-mind at all times: for the benefit of our customers, our business, and future generations. Healthy and sustainable cleaning products and programs are created and implemented by Cavalier Inc., with the health of all facility occupants in mind. Improving facility health, while limiting environmental impact. We view this as our responsibility ... as a distributor, as an industry educator, and as a member of the global community.