Lighting Solutions


Product / Service Description

There is a highly efficient fluorescent lamp which extends the life of existing fluorescent lighting by a simple and extremely cost effective conversion lasting 60% longer than traditional options.

T5 lamps produce up to 116 lumen per watt with a life expectancy of up 58,000 hours and light a depreciation of less than 10%, (subject to usage) and is a perfect sustainable lamp particularly when used in a conversions. Plus at the end of life, T5's are more than 95% recyclable, meaning less than 5% goes into landfill sites!

The T5 is the leader by far in the replacement of conventional fluorescent lighting, an average office operates approximately 4,000 hours per year, and therefore you can reliably expect 10-15 years life from an eco-friendly T5 lamp, far superior to other options on the market at present.