IPCO Power Vapour Recovery RVRS (Closed Loop Tank Degassing)


Product / Service Description

Air emissions that occur during the loading, discharging and storage of petrochemical liquids are called 'Volatile Organic Compounds' (VOC). Some of the VOC emissions from petrochemical are classified as toxic, carcinogenic or teratogenic. These emissions represent a significant contribution to air pollution especially in and around urban areas. Throughout the world legislative authorities are increasingly focusing on the detrimental effect of these VOC emissions.

The Refrigerated Vapour Recovery System (RVRS) is a flexible solution to reduce the VOC emissions and is available in mobile and fixed version. The system recovers clean product from the vapours without reportable emissions.
PURGIT RVRS uses a proprietary system that condenses and recovers tank vapours. Depending on the application PURGIT's condensers are capable to recover over 99% of the VOC. The RVRS is able to cool down the vapours to approximately -120˚C.

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