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Leaving your car at home every day might not be an option for most people, but the options for traveling green were never easier. Traveling to work with a friend helps the environment and is rewarded with ‘Greens’. Add that to walking, running, cycling, bus, train or ferry, and you don’t even realize how many greens you can earn in a day.

What can I get with ‘Greens’?

As we plan on working with municipalities and companies, there will be stores in every city that you can receive discounts in return for ‘Greens’. The more people use GreenOn means the more stores offering discounts.

Is there anything else GreenOn offers me?

Sure, you will get discounts for traveling green, but that’s not all! We will work with municipalities and companies to create more efficient public transportation systems. Imagine that just by taking the bus or riding your bike, you could help create more bus lines or bike paths where you need them! You’re not only helping yourselves, you’re also helping your community!

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