Optimal Group Australia Pty Ltd

Optimal Group is an Australian company delivering energy solutions to a range of industries.
We are a team of engineers with over 100 years combined experience in energy applications and tailored solutions to the oil & gas, manufacturing and services industries.
We provide complete on site power generation to our customers that are cheaper, cleaner and more reliable than alternative power sources.
We have been independently researching the power problem for many years and could see that new thinking was needed to improve the ability of medium to large businesses to really change the power dynamic they would soon find themselves in.
Critical to any modern organisation’s success is how to make energy supply a competitive advantage rather than allow it to become a competitive threat. Driven by innovation and a firm customer orientation built from running our own businesses – we have scoured the globe for the best technologies.
With feet on the ground and an enviable depth in process engineering we are able to apply our knowledge in practical solutions to optimise the energy supply for each and every customer.

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