Each data center has a great need for electricity. Today the telecom- and IT-sector uses about 10 percent of the world’s electricity.1 Most data centers get their electricity from energy systems based on fossil fuels.2 Meanwhile, the data centers have a high energy loss due to the often poorly planned technical infrastructure. Most data centers do not take advantage of the heat that is generated, it is released directly into the atmosphere. It is not only bad for the environment – it increases cost.

EcoDataCenter is the answer to this problem. The world’s first climate-positive data center with high performance and a cost effective solution. It is a new way of thinking.

EcoDataCenter’s business is based on completely renewable energy, integrated into an already existing energy system. Any heat generated in the data center is utilized. The cooling of the servers can be made using excess energy from the power plant. The reuse of heat and excess energy makes EcoDataCenter a data center at the leading edge. Collaborations with innovative partners and a solid energy infrastructure makes EcoDataCenter unique.

EcoDataCenter provides intelligent and sustainable thinking throughout the process. It is a smart investment for the future. With us you will have access to the highest performance and it will not be more expensive, but instead both more benefit and lower cost. With us you do not only have an outstanding sustainability report – you also make an active stand for a greener future.

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