E-Recycle USA

E-Recycle USA

E-Recycle USA is an Atlanta based company that specializes in e-waste disposal and destruction. Owned and operated by Cyrous Naddaf, E-Recycle is e-waste made easy. We have been in the e-waste business since 2004 and have used this time to be in a constant program of progressing the methods and efficiency of e-waste management and recycling.

With a degree in mechanical engineering and many years’ experience in the computer wholesale industry, our founder Cyrous, not only fully understands the need for proper e-waste management but understands all of the most efficient, mutually beneficial and secure ways to process e-waste.

E-Recycle USA is company whose passion for our environment is second to none. We turn everything that comes through our doors into a usable resource. Our favorite thing to do is take your old, outdated electronics, refurbish them and put them back into the market for good use.

We are not only conscious of the security risk and problems of e-waste, but also that of energy conservation so we are constantly researching new and better ways to take old electronics and safely turn them into usable resources.

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