Baoding Saiderui Machinery And Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Baoding Saiderui Machinery And Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Baoding Saiderui Machinery And Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Is a professional factory who specializes in producing machinery, machine parts and steel structures. We possess milling machines, numerically-controlled machines, numerically-controlled processing center, drilling machines and a large number of advanced equipment. Our company is capable of producing all kinds of high-precision mechanical parts and steel structures.

With the development of national economy, environmental protection has become the focus of hundreds of millions of people. Enterprises are the major consumers of resources and the sources of environment pollution. In addition, they are also the main environmental protectors. Therefore, to study how to solve the problem of environmental protection in enterprises is of great theoretical and realistic significance.

In recent years, our company has begun to devote itself into foreign markets. Our major products involve in recycling equipment for environmental protection, including waste wires & cables stripping machines, copper wire recycling machines, waste plastic granulators, tyre recycling equipment, technological cut-off machines, wrapping machines, etc.

Using copper wire recycling machine to process waste cable wires is a quite advanced technology. Since the 1980s, it has been applied in America and other industrial developed countries. Copper wire recycling machines with advanced technology are quite effective in handling waste wires and cables. After processing, we can get pure copper granules and plastics granules.

Therefore, high-efficiency and energy-saving copper wire recycling machines’ occupying the market will become a mainstream. Copper wire recycling machines’ high efficiency and energy saving are mainly demonstrated in 1. No dust; no second pollution; realize environmental protection; 2. Integrate various kinds of advanced technology; reduce labor cost; improve productivity; possess high economic benefits. As a result, it can satisfy the market gap at present and appeal to the market demands.

Metal shredders are mostly applied in processing scrap automobile body, old home appliances, bicycles and other inferior wastes to transform them into high-quality steel-making raw materials. Through the continuous shredding, the coating films are removed and the bulk specific gravity is increased. When the materials are put into the electric furnace, blasting can be avoided. Under certain states, the melting rate can be promoted so as to satisfy the requirement on “putting fine materials into the furnace” put forward by the steel factory. The equipment has some advantages, mainly including high production capacity, low energy consumption, high efficiency, fine and well-distributed output, etc. Moreover, when using the equipment, it demonstrates multiple advantages, including low noise, no pollution, easy operations and convenient maintenance.

Insight is the prerequisite of a bright future; and vibrancy is the premise of values. With excellent quality and perfect services, our company’ products are sold to South Korea, America, Canada, Britain, Spain, New Zealand, Australia and Middle East areas etc.. We have a wide and extensive market all over the world.

Saiderui Machinery as the leader in the industry will definitely undertake the responsibility of manufacturing high-quality products . Driven by the sense of mission to forge an international brand, we are looking forward to opening up a path to success for all of you!

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