Effortless Computer Recycling

Effortless Computer Recycling

Today, electronics play a very large role in our everyday lives. From your computer to your refrigerator, almost everything these days have electronics built in. New technology is constantly being developed, which increases the need to upgrade. This also brings with it a huge amount of redundant old electronic equipment in need of recycling.

The problem with electronic waste (E-Waste) is that it contains many harmful materials. Mercury, lead, zinc, and cadmium are some of the materials found in computers for example. These materials are all harmful to the environment as well as humans. It is important that electronic waste is correctly recycled instead of ending up in a landfill polluting the environment. Electronic waste is a current worldwide problem which needs to be managed now.

New laws implemented overseas holds the manufacturer responsible for the recycling of their own products, which will affect us all. The responsibility is simply transferred to us as consumers to make sure the items are recycled correctly.

At Effortless Recycling, we make sure that all items of electronic waste are recycled correctly with the environment in mind. All items are stripped and separated into basic raw materials, steel, plastic, aluminium, copper, etc. Once separated, the raw materials are sold off to companies who will reuse this material to manufacture new items. The steel from your old computer case could be used in the manufacturing of your new car.

Effortless Computer Recycling is a registered member of EWASA (Electronic Waste Association of South Africa), and recycle in accordance to their specifications.

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