Netwise Hosting Ltd.

Netwise Hosting provision enterprise-level hosted environments to a wide and varied customer-base, working closely with clients all around the world. From bespoke colocation deployments, affordable dedicated server platforms, right through to robust online backup solutions, Netwise Hosting bring to life a wholly unified approach to hosting.

Speed, security and stability are the fundamental values of primary focus, which filter through not only customer-facing technologies, but also the company's general approach to doing business. Operating with total transparency, Netwise Hosting connects with its clients on a more personable level, developing long lasting professional relationships that add true value to services in a distinctly rewarding manner. With London data centres designed, built, and operated entirely in-house, Netwise Hosting need not rely on third parties in providing low-cost, high-value online services across the board.

A young and dynamic team sit at the helm, allowing Netwise Hosting to grow progressively and organically into the flexible company it is today. The bespoke, almost boutique nature of Netwise Hosting's facilities, coupled with the unique dynamism of company operations, allows for the supply of truly individualised solutions - meeting the exacting needs of clients regardless of any budgetary or other such common constraints.

The company's underlying mission hones in on bringing London-based online service deployments to businesses at any stage in their development cycle - whether a month old start-up or a corporate giant - through a range of highly customisable platforms to suit any set of requirements. Traditionally, London data centres place sizable entry barriers in front of potential clients, most notably sky-high pricing structures and limited accessibility.

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