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Green IT Recycling is a trading site for Green IT Disposal Ltd and we are a fully licensed computer recycling organisation. It is thanks to our successful partnership with PAD Logistics that we at Green IT Recycling are able to collect your old IT equipment from anywhere within mainland UK - usually with no cost to our clients.

We make sure computer recycling makes a positive environmental impact for all our clients. By partnering with PAD Logistics, Green IT Recycling carefully schedules its collections across the UK to ensure minimal transportation mileage, fuel efficent routing and maximising load space, which results in the lowest environmental impact possible. This keen planning ensures best cost to load ratio at no cost to the client or the planet.

If transportation is required outside of the logistics schedule, we aim to recover the cost within the onward computer disposal or computer recycling process and if that isn't possible, we only pass on to our customers the actual cost of collection.

The services we offer vary from simple computer recycling to full server room and data centre dismantling and removal. As part of the service we securely data-wipe all data bearing assets or physically destroy disks and media - either at your premises or at our secure processing centre - offering true peace of mind for data security and IT disposal.

We collect all types of IT and Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment (WEEE) including medical, industrial, CCTV, generic IT or any other electrical products; in fact anything electrical or electronic that requires safe and environmentally sound disposal.

From phone systems to commercial digital video suites, we have the skills and expertise to provide a credible and secure IT asset disposal and recycling service.

Green, Free and Easy – Green IT Recycling's policy applies to every customer, IT collection and service, making our IT disposal the most cost-effective and efficient option for your organisation.

Our staff are experienced in the efficient handling and recycling of all types of IT assets.

Our services are regulated and authorised by the Environment Agency under permit, and our transport activity regulated under a Waste Carriers License. As handlers of sensitive data you have the assurance that we are registered with the Information Comissioners Office (ICO). Equally we are registered as Hazardous waste producers with the Environment Agency which means we can manage Hazardous waste such as CRT type monitors and televisions together with Lead acid cell batteries and UPS Backup power supply units.

We also offer an on-site disk destruction service which means your data is always safe and secure. This service meets all of the requirements of UK and US Government Agencies

So now you know a little more about us, why not call the team on 0161 928 1144 and find out how we can help your organisation

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