Green Timiskaming

Green Timiskaming was established in 2009 as a community-owned, not-for-profit development co-operative devoted to building a greener way of life for the people of Timiskaming. As a co-operative we aspire to make the region self-sustaining for energy production. Together we will build a strong future for the Timiskaming Region, beginning with the development and operation of renewable energy projects. Our mandate is to offer our members the opportunity to invest in building a sustainable community and to benefit by receiving an excellent return on their investments. Surplus revenue from the sale of electricity will be re-invested in future community development activities.

Northern Ontario is blessed with resources; we must work together in order to use them most efficiently. Green Timiskaming solar projects are:

keeping money in Ontario communities
supporting local economic growth
creating jobs
supporting farmers through leasing unused land
building a greener way of life in our province

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