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Key Green Solutions is dedicated to empowering Health Care with the knowledge and data to maximize financial health, ecological integrity, and societal well-being. The Key Green Solutions Sustainability Management software has been managing energy since January 2009.

Key Green Solutions is a complete sustainability management software solution that enables organizations

To manage sustainability projects
To gather and analyze data on energy usage and recycling costs
To drive new successes and transform your business by leveraging our software technology, innovation, best practices and benchmarks
To develop sustainability strategies, reduce costs, and increase stewardship
Leading companies understand their natural resource consumption and the implications of their organization’s environmental footprint. With Key Green Solutions, organizations not only learn how much is consumed, but how to track and analyze those results to make smarter business decisions and reduce expenses. For the first time, you have insight into costly but vital components of your business, including energy and water consumption, and waste volumes and types.

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