Byenfarm s.r.l

Byenfarm s.r.l

Byenfarm, was founded in 2014, and was conceived from the idea in combining natural ingredients with the latest technological breakthroughs in the field of cell regeneration.

Our goal is to create cutting-edge bio-cosmetics.

To achieve this, we researched and studied and we selected 100% organic ingredients. Medicinal herbs, precious elements in colloidal form and BioOligo M Complex®, special components that characterize all of our products, creating a unique combination.

The technology enhances the nature, the ancient herbal wisdom and in finding a new life, the latest scientific discoveries in the field of molecules which bring out the properties of natural active ingredients: as we make our bio-cosmetics, designed for those who want to feel in harmony with themselves while using body-care products with an efficient respect for nature and the environment around us.

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