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Cornplatech Co Ltd is leading eco-friendly products development.

Cornplatech has been studying constantly environmentally friendly raw materials from 2007. Results of the research, we have developed a complete environmentally friendly raw materials, there is no occurrence of environmental toxins and environmental hormones.

Our self-developed raw materials applies to injection, molding, extrusion, and various molded articles and it is used to eco-friendly film, packing materials, and type of vessels.

It is not increasing the overall amount of CO2, not detect 4 heavy metals (Cd, Hg, Pb, Cr6+) and leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide, CORNPLATECH's eco-friendly products are biodegradable in the nature and adjustment of the decomposition period is possible.

From now on, we will strengthen market competitiveness, continue to R&D investment, and we always try our best to produce the best eco-friendly products. We will continue to grow as a company to consider first the environment and people always.

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