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Alam Sekitar Eco-Technology Sdn Bhd

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In 2010, Alam Sekitar Eco-Technology (ASET), a wholly owned subsidiary of Progressive Impact Corporation Berhad (PICORP) was established with a mission to be a key player in the wastewater treatment industry. Over the years, ASET has amassed a wealth of experience as a specialist in the wastewater industry by having a successfully completed and commissioned sewage treatment plant and wastewater schemes. ASET has in the past undertaken turnkey works for wastewater and also sewage treatment plant including operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants. As such, ASET is capable of providing the total environmental solution for wastewater industry from design phase to the operation and maintenance phase. This extensive track record enabled ASET to build a reputation not only as a reliable technology provider but also a competitive contractor in the water and wastewater industry.

In this ever changing economic and business landscape, one formula only works in one company. Nevertheless, PICORP had adopted stringent business paradigms that its subsidiaries should focus on. It has been introduced, implemented and had been proven effective. The seven paradigms are Growth, Margin, Cash, Velocity, Customer Management, Risk Management and lastly Technology.

We believe the 7 paradigms struck a chord with the people of PICORP and the customers because we tried to do something that had not been done before. The 7 paradigms strategy will be continuously revisited by all of us in PICORP to propel towards the success of future growth in the ever changing market.

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