Cellulose Insulation


Why is your product Green?

Cellulose is made from recycle paper and treated with chemicals such as boric acid, to retard the spread of fire.

Product / Service Description

InCide PC Cellulose Insulation is designed for attic and wall cavity applications in new construction as well as in existing homes. It forms a blanket of interlocking fibers in the attics and creates a monolithic seal in the sidewalls eliminating air infiltration and providing maximum thermal performance.

InCide PC Cellulose Insulation resists the flow of heat in three ways. AIR IS TRAPPED

1. Within

2. By the wall of fiber

3. Between fibers creating significant resistance to air movement

This natural ability to trap air provides cellulose insulation with 25% to 40% more effective insulation power than the same R-value of other low density loose fill fiberous insulation.

Incide PC Cellulose Insulation in the attic and walls results in significant savings in electricity cost, while providing a comfortable, quiet and safe environment in your home.